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How does it work?

You shop online (almost) as you usually would…


You Shop via boost

Just click on a shop logo below and complete your purchase as usual. FAQ


boost earns a commission

boost earns a commission for every purchase you make via this website.


boost donates to CfT

boost donates 90% of that commission to Children for Tomorrow. The remaining 10% cover our costs. Learn more about CfT


Thank you for making a good deed out of every online purchase!

About Children for Tomorrow

Chances for a better future.

Many children are growing up in circumstances of war, violence, abuse, persecution or loss of their families. We are all familiar with the appalling images that draw attention to the material extent of distress in war and crisis affected regions.

However, emotional scars of violence remain invisible. Yet these scars are regularly the source of future aggression. The emotional health of children is an elementary mainstay for a peaceful coexistence and societies’ ability to integrate and recover from trauma. Giving these children chances for a better future is the mission of our foundation.

Stefanie Graf
Founder and Chairwoman

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is boost?

boost is a German non-profit organization that supports charities in raising additional funds. Founded in 2012, boost offers an opportunity for online buyers to earn a donation with every online purchase.

How much commission do you earn?

That depends upon the shop and sometimes even upon the products you purchase. It even depends upon the number of people who shop via boost. In Germany, the average commission amounts to 6% of the net purchase value. For U.S. shops, we expect the average commission to be a little bit lower, probably around 5%.

Why do you keep 10% of the commission?

We keep 10% of the commission in order to cover our costs. The development and maintenance of the platform and the support we offer to our partner charities and users cost a lot of money. Even if we make a profit at some day, as a non-profit we are obliged to reinvest the money for a good cause.

Do my purchases get more expensive when I shop via boost?

No, your purchases don’t get more expensive. The shops pay us a commission, which they would otherwise pay to other website owners.

I made a purchase. Why hasn't the donation amount increased?

Unfortunately, it takes a couple of days until the shops inform us about a purchase (usually after the order was shipped). Afterwards, we adjust the donation amount, so that you can see how much money was raised for Children for Tomorrow. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience!

My favorite shop is missing. What can I do?

We try to partner with as many shops as possible. If your favorite shop is not in our list, let us know! We'll gladly try to add the shop as soon as possible. Simply send an email to .

Why is the rest of the website in German?

boost is a German charity and until recently we only operated in the German market. However, due to Stefanie Graf’s remarkable fans in the U.S. we decided to launch a simple, yet functional solution for U.S. citizens to support Steffi Graf’s foundation Children for Tomorrow.

I don't want to shop online. Can I make a donation anyhow?

Sure, that would be highly appreciated! Please find a donation form on Steffi Graf's personal website:
Thank you very much for your support!